The King County Sheriff’s Office / SeaTac Police are reporting that a suspected serial robber may spend the next five years in jail thanks to the hard work of a SeaTac Police Detective:

Last August, the suspect first came to the attention of SeaTac Police when he was identified as a suspect in the robbery of a market in the 19000 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive. Just one month later, the same suspect was arrested for an armed robbery in Federal Way. During the commission of the Federal Way robbery, the suspect was caught driving a car stolen from SeaTac.

Just one month later, in October of last year, the same suspect was caught driving yet another stolen car taken in a SeaTac burglary. Just a few days after this incident, the same man was identified as the suspect in an attempted burglary of a food market in the 3300 block of S 170th Street in SeaTac. In this burglary attempt, the suspect used a stolen pickup truck to try and pull the store doors open using a rope.

SeaTac Detective Zach Brubaker took on the cases occurring in SeaTac and did some outstanding work. This included completing a search warrant on one of the stolen vehicles and discovering a firearm. Ultimately, Detective Brubaker forwarded recommended charges of Possession of Stolen Vehicle (2 counts), Identity Theft (2 counts), Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Burglary.

Recently, the suspect in these cases, and likely others, accepted a plea agreement. He is now facing a five-year sentence.