On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, SeaTac Mayor Erin Sitterley released the following statement on George Floyd’s death, protests and police officers:

The loss of an American life at the hands of evil and lawless men is an event that should be mourned and cause people of good will to say “never again”. George Floyd was a member of our American family, a life that mattered deeply, each and every one of us lost something when his life was wrongfully taken from him and all who knew and loved him. It is right and just to hold those responsible for his death to account, and demand that they receive the punishment they deserve. George Floyd deserves nothing less.

The SeaTac City Council supports the right of individuals to peacefully demonstrate their grief, protest the wrong, demand answers and, in doing so, change the course of justice for all people in our Nation. This is woven into the fabric of the American way, the cherished freedom of expression for which many before us have laid down their lives.

The City of SeaTac is blessed with well-trained and professional police officers who deserve to go home safely after every shift, just as we deserve to safely move about our daily lives in our City. SeaTac police officers recently assisted, escorted, and supported a peaceful protest organized by local students, setting an example of how cities can peacefully protect our first amendment rights, encourage dialogue, and work together with the community.

SeaTac is fortunate to rarely, if ever, witness the abuses we see in other parts of our Country. This does not mean we are immune, and your Council is committed to standing with our Community, working with our police officers to maintain or even improve the excellent relationship we have, building trust while improving safety. We all deserve nothing less.

Your Council is committed to safety for all- residents, businesses and first responders. Violence has no place in our community, especially during protests and demonstrations. Violence, vandalism, and disorderly conduct remain illegal in the City of SeaTac. Over this past week, I have watched what started as a prayer for peace and healing get lost in the noise of physical violence and shattered glass. The memory of George Floyd and all Americans who have lost their lives to similar brutality is not honored in such a way. They deserve better.

I challenge the good people of SeaTac to join me in seeking ways to honor the life of George Floyd that will benefit our greater community. Service can take many forms, please be a force for positive change.

I, along with the entire City Council, mourn the loss of George Floyd. I know and understand the hurt that is felt by many members of our community. Your Council sees you and you matter to us. You deserve nothing less.

Erin Sitterley, Mayor
June 2, 2020 in the evening