The Port of Seattle Commission this week elected Fred Felleman as its Commission President for 2021.

Commissioner Ryan Calkins will serve as Commission Vice-President, with Commissioner Sam Cho serving as Commission Secretary for a second term.

“I’m thankful for the confidence of my colleagues and—in particular—the leadership of Commissioner Steinbrueck.” said Fred Felleman, Commission President. “This has been an exceptionally challenging year punctuated by a health and economic crisis as well as the ongoing social justice crisis which spotlighted how threadbare our economic fabric is for many communities. Key to addressing these inequities will be the creation of living wage jobs through innovation and workforce development.”

Here’s more from the Port:

Opportunities will grow at the airport and seaport as the International Arrivals Facility, North Satellite and Terminal 5 come online and others get underway in 2021. We will also maintain our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by developing sustainable aviation fuels and waterfront electrification. Now more than ever, we are poised to build back better by fostering innovations that create the green jobs of the future.”

“2020 was an inflection point for our region. The tragedy of the pandemic exposed disparities in our society, but, going forward, it provides us with an opportunity to dismantle systemic barriers to justice. Rather than seeing equity and environmental priorities as values to accommodate in our economic plans, they are actually the building blocks of a stronger, more durable regional economy. 2021 will be the year that the Port of Seattle sets the foundation for a better economy,” said Ryan Calkins, Commission Vice President. “One example is our upstream work in educational opportunities, creating more maritime career choices for youth along the Duwamish River and across our region and supporting innovations that create green jobs.”

“The Port of Seattle plays an out-sized role in our region, and I will work everyday to make sure all communities see the benefits we can provide,” said Sam Cho, Commission Secretary. “As we consider the injustices of the past several years, let’s look to 2021 to heal and grow so that prosperity is as equitable and broad as possible.”

The Port of Seattle Commission remains focused on its policy-making and oversight role as it moves into a new decade providing essential travel and trade services that create jobs throughout the state and region.

This year the airport will open the new International Arrivals Facility and complete the North Satellite Modernization Projects – two monumental facilities that will dramatically improve customer experience and serve the traveling public for decades to come. The Port plans to spend $3.4 billion over the next five years on airport projects to reduce congestion and improve efficiency.

The Port’s Maritime and Economic Development Divisions are looking towards major environmental and economic development improvements in 2021. Already underway, project highlights include: COVID-19 safety measure installations for cruise terminals; habitat restoration project at the Duwamish River People’s Park, the most significant habitat restoration project on the Duwamish River in the last decade; a project to bring clean electric shore power to the Pier 66 cruise terminal; updates to the commercial fishing berths 6 & 8 at Terminal 91; development of a new Maritime Innovation Center at Fishermen’s Terminal; and design for upland maritime industrial development at Terminal 91.

Cruise is an important part of Seattle’s economic recovery and we will continue to coordinate with local and state public health agencies as we prepare for this year’s cruise season. Each homeported cruise vessel brings in around $4 million to the local economy, valued at nearly $900 million a year to our region.

In 2021, The Northwest Seaport Alliance, the joint venture with the Port of Tacoma that operates international cargo facilities in both harbors, will open the first phase of its modernized Terminal 5 in West Seattle. The new big-ship ready terminal will stand out as one of the premier international maritime shipping container terminals on the West Coast, anchoring maritime jobs and global shipping in our community for decades to come.

2021 will mark the fourth year of a five-year investment plan designed to make our region a competitive maritime hub. As a result, the Port tripled its capital spending on maritime capital projects between 2019 and 2020. The investments focus on asset preservation and prioritize economic development where our natural advantages align with equitable economic growth opportunities.