SeaTac Police / King County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested two suspected mail thieves they found asleep in a truck in SeaTac:

Police say that on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 8:42 a.m., SeaTac deputies responded to a report of two males either sleeping or passed out in a white truck at the 18200 block of 45th Avenue South (map below).

When deputies arrived on the scene, they observed two males inside a white Toyota Tundra. As one of the deputies parked his patrol car, he noticed that two mailboxes on each side of the street appeared to be open. When he ran the plate on the white truck, dispatch advised the plates were supposed to be on a van registered to a nearby address. Based on the mismatch of the license plate and the vehicle, deputies detained both occupants.

Deputies contacted the registered owner of the license plates, who confirmed the license plates were for his van but they never arrived in the mail. Well, actually they did but these guys likely stole them.
Inside the truck, deputies found numerous pieces of stolen mail and a bag containing a binder of blank credit cards, social security cards, and a credit card reader. Several pieces of mail found belonged to area residents and the two open mailboxes nearby.

Incident to arrest, deputies also found a wallet on the driver containing identification and bank cards bearing different names. The passenger was discovered to have a felony warrant for Escape from DOC Custody.

Both males, one a resident of Tacoma and the other of Renton, were taken to the SCORE (South Correctional Entity) jail and booked for Possession of Stolen Property.

Photos courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office