EDITOR’S NOTE: South King Media Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer serves on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce.

Chambers Have No Borders

By Andrea H. Reay

There is no shortage of opportunities for you and your business. There isn’t a limit, line, or boundary you can create that will restrict the growth of ideas. The Chamber of Commerce can help you, no matter who you are or where you live, to expand and support your business. Chambers do this by focusing on all Puget Sound regions, bringing opportunity to your community, and supporting the individual needs of each business and person.

Chambers strengthen communities and bring opportunity to people. People and opportunities are not defined by city or county boundaries, and ideas flourish with greater participation and engagement. The more people that participate in an idea, the stronger they will be as a community. Opportunity brings people together, and the more opportunity there is, the more the people in that community will prosper. Chambers bring opportunity to businesses, and ideas are not limited to one county or one city, and the more people who participate in that idea, the stronger that idea will be.

Chambers support the individual needs and priorities of each city and business but also activate regionally as impacts and considerations that create challenges and opportunities know no bounds. They appreciate every single business and every single individual, but the impact made on those people is bigger than anyone could imagine, an impact that affects the entire region rather than just one city or one town. Chambers support individual needs and businesses, but they also affect whole cities and communities.

Chambers are connectors and conveners. We work hard to build bridges and find solutions to problems. You can be assured that our most valuable priority is you and your community. We look out for everyone, and by doing that, we build a community that relies on supporting and helping each other. We connect people through opportunity, and when challenges arise, we will help you move past them.

You, as a person and business owner, have much potential. The Chamber recognizes and sees that. A community is made up of small businesses and individuals like you, and without you and your ideas, the community will die. Therefore, we work hard and commit to supporting you, and why you should partner with us for the good of your business and the good of your community.

This article was written by Andrea H. Reay, President/CEO of Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce, “A voice for business, a leader in the community.” Seattle Southside Chamber has served the communities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac, and Tukwila since 1988.

For more information about the Chamber, including a full list of member benefits and resources, please visit their website at www.SeattleSouthsideChamber.com.