[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a verified resident. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The SeaTac Blog, nor its staff:]

‘In Response to Disappointment and Division’

Ms. Lockwood,

I appreciate your consistent and continued engagement. Often, I see the position you take as being well-researched and value the discourse and opinions you present. I have even found myself agreeing with you on occasion. I hope that my response to your letter can illuminate what I think are some simple misunderstandings so that we can get back to tackling the important issues facing our community.

Firstly, the Merriam-Webster definition of ‘elect’ is: “to select by vote for an office, position, or membership”. Through a quick search of my social media, I have not been introducing myself as being an “elected mayor” online. It’s obviously possible that I have said it, but that wouldn’t be inappropriate according to Merriam-Webster. I was elected by a 5-1 vote of my colleagues to serve as mayor for two years. I will continue to use the terms ‘selected’ or ‘chosen’ because I think that the process might be clearer that way.

As a public-school student, I stood with my hand over my heart and pledged my allegiance to our flag and republic over two-thousand times at the beginning of each school day. It is likely that I have done the flag salute over three-thousand times total. It is the only pledge that I’ve taken that many times. I have no idea how I left out the word “indivisible”. Sometimes, I get caught up in thinking about the business before the council and find myself distracted with the issues in the moments leading up to the meetings. Perhaps I should use those moments more reflectively and think about the words in the Pledge of Allegiance. Perhaps we all should.

Your final point I will not entertain. I will continue to unapologetically stand with any workers organizing for dignity, respect, and better working conditions and I will absolutely use my platform to do so.

There is a group of folks in our city who have demonstrated nothing but contempt for myself and our new council. These people have given us about two months to fix all of the problems in our city. They have placed even the semantics we use under a microscope to criticize. They have determined that we will fail, or will not serve their interests, without ever speaking to us. In fact, we could take all the votes they want us to take and we would still have failed them. This behavior isn’t constructive or educational, nor will it serve our city. I am happy to collaborate on the issues facing our city and greatly appreciate different views. The behavior this council has been shown by this particular group has been incredibly divisive.

Our city and community could all learn something from my mistake. This Nation, including our community, should be Indivisible.

Mayor Jake Simpson

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