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Hey Recology!

I have a Keurig and am wondering what I should do with the pods! I hope I can recycle or compost them, but I’m afraid that’s not allowed.

Thank you,

Hi Tyler,

While we love coffee as much as you do, unfortunately you cannot recycle or compost K-Cups or Keurig Pods and they need to be thrown in the trash. We cannot accept them in the recycling bin because they contain food waste and are too small. K Cups cannot be accepted in the compost because they contain plastic. Even K Cups with “compostable” plastic cannot be accepted in residential yard waste/ 

The good news is there are reusable K-Cups available online that you can refill with coffee grounds! Coffee grounds by themselves are compostable and the refillable K-Cups are a great way to reduce waste! Additionally, if you were to switch from Keurig to drip coffee or French Press, your coffee grounds and coffee filters would be very welcome in the compost bin!


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