The City of SeaTac is starting a new program called “Adopt A Drain,” which officials say will give residents an opportunity to help keep local creeks and the Puget Sound clean by adopting a storm drain.

Here’s more info from the city:

The City of SeaTac has over 4,000 storm drains throughout the city. Whenever it rains, the storm drain carries rainwater along with debris and pollutants from the street into the nearest lake, creek, or river. These pollutants can include litter, leaves, and chemicals from cars and yards.

In SeaTac, stormwater flows to Angle Lake, Des Moines Creek, Miller & Walker creeks, and the Green and Duwamish rivers. Most of these water bodies then flow directly to Puget Sound.

You can help reduce the amount of debris and pollutants entering local water bodies by committing to keep your local storm drain clear.

How do you adopt a drain?
Sign up:

Get your materials

    • You will receive a packet in the mail with a yard sign showing which water body you are protecting and instructions on how you can keep the drain clear.

AaD Packet a

AaD Packet b

AaD Packet c

Sweep up!

    • Sweep up leaves and debris around the drain, pick up nearby litter, and report any signs of spills (oil, paint, etc.) to the City at (206) 973-4770.


    • Reduce localized flooding.
    • Reduce pollutants in local water bodies (making water safer for swimming, salmon, and orcas).
    • Show your neighbors that you care about your creek, lake, or the Puget Sound.
    • Be part of a region-wide effort to reduce stormwater pollution.

AaD Yard Sign2

Cities across the country have implemented Adopt a Drain programs which have helped keep thousands of pounds of debris out of local watersheds.

The City of SeaTac is joining almost a dozen other Western Washington cities in implementing the Adopt a Drain program so we can create a focused effort to reduce pollution in Puget Sound.

More info here.