The old Tyee High School is tumbling down, as demolition is about halfway complete, Highline Public Schools announced.

“Thank you for your service, old school buildings!” the Distict said.

As of last week, three round buildings had become history on the west side of the site, including the 200 building (classrooms), the main office/library (500) and the cafeteria (100). The concrete block 900 building in the northwest corner came down first.

Still standing, but not for long: 2 round buildings (600 and 300) on the east side of the site, plus the gym and attached 400 building on the east.

Absher Construction Company and crews expect to finish tearing down buildings and cleaning up demolition debris in October. Then it’s on to prepping the site for construction of a new, modern Tyee High School for our students, staff and the #seatac community.

“Thank you, Highline voters, for investing in the future!”

See the design and timeline on our website:

Photos courtesy Highline Public Schools: