Carpool parking permits will return to Sound Transit’s routinely crowded Angle Lake parking facility in SeaTac next month.

  • Free carpool (HOV) permits are now available for April parking at Angle Lake Station for groups of two or more park-and-ride passengers who take the bus or train.
  • Permit applicants must provide basic contact information and ORCA card or Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) card numbers for each carpool member.
  • Regular transit ridership is not required for initial issue of a parking permit, but once a permit is issued, ORCA records can be checked to verify regular ridership.
  • At least two carpool members must ride a bus or train from the same station or transit center on the same day, at least 12 days per month, to qualify for monthly permit renewals.

Sound Transit is now accepting applications for the free permits. Go to for more information and to to apply.

In 2022, HOV parking permits returned to Northgate and Tukwila International Boulevard stations after being suspended during the pandemic. Sumner’s Sounder station also offers HOV permits.

Later this year, Sound Transit plans to introduce paid parking at select Link facilities that meet high usage thresholds.