My name is Brandon Phillips. I am very curious about you and why you are you? I am curious as to how I can help you accomplish your goals. Why would I want to do that? Simple, I genuinely care about people. Building relationships and sharing my knowledge is my business. What does that cost? It’s absolutely free to those who want it.

I have been a licensed realtor for less than a year and in my first 6 months I sold 1.5 million dollars of real estate in King County. One might think of me as a sapling in this incredibly competitive market. Yet the roots of my real estate journey are profound. I was the care taker of 3 rental properties from age 14-18, converted and renovated 2 daycares into tenant-occupied homes at age 17, and renovated an Ohana house in Maui, Hawaii in 2019.

Thank you to all my teachers and mentors whom continue to help me improve. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting my goals and ambitions. Thank you to all my past clients, current clients, and clients to be. The opportunity to help the members of my community is most fulfilling.

Brandon Phillips REALTOR

(360) 910-3161



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