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Hey Recology!

We’re planning a 4th of July party next month and want to keep it as Zero Waste as possible. Do you have any tips?

Thank you,

Hi Robert,

What a great question! Of course we have tips for you. Here are a few –

Use reusable plate, flatware, and drinkware instead of disposable ones. The best way to stay zero waste is to start with reusable over disposable. These items can be used again for your next party.

If you’re going to go with disposable items, make sure that paper plates are solely paper or wood fiber and as basic as possible with no plastic laminate or decoration. For utensils wood fiber is actually compostable whereas “compostable” plastic flatware and regular plastic flatware both need to be thrown in the garbage.

Compost your food waste! Whether it’s prep for your meal or leftovers after the meal, make sure that all leftover foodwaste that you don’t intend to eat is placed in the compost bin. This includes things like meat, cheese, and bones!

Home make decorations from waste material. It can be fun for kids to make things like flowers or hats from old newspapers and other material. Refusing to buy new decorations every year is a key to reducing your overall waste.

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Have a great 4th of July,

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