Photo of an owl in North SeaTac Park courtesy Kelsey Vanhe.

Recently, there have been several reports of an “aggressive owl” attacking people at North SeaTac Park.

City officials have posted signs around the park, warning park users that they should be careful and protect themselves from WHOmever the angry owl is.

“All park users should take precautions when walking in the forested areas within the park at dusk or dawn, that’s when the owls are most active,” the city said.

Parks staff have consulted with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to offer the following tips:

    • Use an umbrella, hat or helmet to create a barrier between the owl and your head.
    • Wave your hands over your head to distract the owl.
    • Clap your hands and make noise
    • Listen for the “hoot” of an owl. They will often hoot as a warning before swooping down.
    • Wearing a headlamp (front and rear facing) may help to temporarily blind the owl.

This particular owl is most likely a Barred owl or a Great Horned owl, the city said. Aggressive owls are usually reported at this time of year based on nest building and defending their territory or juvenile owls hunting for food. This kind of behavior usually subsides by the winter.