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Howdy Recology!

My kids love to learn about the environment and are always asking about how we can do more for the planet.

We are already recycling and composting pros at our house, and we want to take the next step for reducing our waste.

Do you have any ideas or activities for how I can teach my family more about being waste zero?  Thank you, Bonnie

Hey, Bonnie!

It sounds like we have some Waste Zero superheroes on our hands! We’re glad that your family wants to be as waste zero as possible and we are here to help you get there.

One great activity for families to make sure they are wasting as little as possible is an at-home waste audit. All you need for this activity is your trash and some gloves! Bonus points awarded if you use a scale to weigh everything. By doing a pre-weight of your trash, and then sorting it and weighing it again by recyclables, compostables, dirty recyclables, and trash, you can get a better idea of which items your family is having a difficult time sorting.

If your children are currently going to school, consider having them work with their teacher(s) to create a 3D sign for their lunchroom. These can allow your children to share their waste zero knowledge, and can provide more clarity to students while they sort their lunches everyday! Examples of these can be found online for inspiration.

Another option for your children’s school is scheduling a visit with one of our Waste Zero Specialists! We provide Where Does it Go presentations and story times for students all ages and are happy to visit schools all year round. For students 16+, we can also provide them with a tour of our Materials Recovery Facility! Contact our Waste Zero team to schedule a visit today at RKCWasteZero@recology.com.

From our Waste Zero team to yours, keep up the great work!

– Recology

For more ideas on how to reduce waste, visit one of our Recology stores! The Burien Recology store is located at 15858 First Avenue S, #A100 Burien, WA (map below).

You can also find more Waste Zero tips on our Recology King County social media pages listed below:

Thank you, Recology

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