The City of SeaTac starts its new community court program this Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2023, to assist people in need through resources and partnerships designed to address qualifying defendants underlying issues.

  • A community court is an alternative problem-solving court. It differs from traditional court in that it seeks to identify and address the underlying challenges of court participants that may contribute to further criminal activity.
  • Its goal is to build stronger and safer neighborhoods and reduce recidivism.
  • Community court is designed to provide individuals with an opportunity to have certain charge(s) dismissed without waiving their right to trial if they meet the expectations for a year.
  • People charged with eligible misdemeanors can participate when the prosecutors and public defenders agree that such a process would prove beneficial for the defendant.
  • Participating people must complete an assessment that will showcase the areas in which they need the most support.
  • During Community Court hours, eligible defendants, and anyone else in the community can meet with partner organizations that will be able to help with substance abuse, healthcare, job training and so much more.

Last fall, the SeaTac City Council accepted the state funds that will support the community court program.

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