EDITOR’S NOTESince our creation in 2008, The SeaTac Blog has allowed residents running for local office one free post per election season:

Hello SeaTac Residents,

With Election Day just around the corner on November 7th, I’m reaching out to remind you of the power each one of us holds to shape the future of our beloved SeaTac. I’m Joe Vinson, a fellow long-time resident and I am committed to making our community a place of opportunity, safety, and unity for all.

SeaTac isn’t just a city – it’s our home. It’s where my family and I deliberately chose to put down roots over a decade ago, drawn by its promise of affordability and a better life. As a father of four, ranging from a freshman in college to one in diapers, I experience firsthand the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for families to flourish.

My life’s journey, growing up under the guidance of my grandmother and overcoming challenges with resilience alongside my siblings, has shaped my values of leadership and togetherness. It’s this very upbringing that drives my determination to effectively serve our community.

With nearly two decades of experience in public service, leading diverse teams of skilled tradespeople, I have gained invaluable insights into the power of unity and collective effort toward a common goal. As a City Council Member, I intend to leverage this experience to focus on crucial aspects like safety, affordable housing, and environmental preservation.

I have a track record that reflects my dedication to effecting positive change. Notably, I played a significant role in the Sidewalk Advisory Committee, ensuring safe routes to school for our children. These efforts were prominently featured on the front page of The Seattle Times, showcasing SeaTac’s dedication to safety and community improvement. I aim to build on this success and continue making a tangible difference in our city.

I’m deeply invested in the well-being of our community-safety, accessible housing, fair wages, and a sustainable environment are not just talking points; they are my mission. I understand the pivotal role our local businesses play in shaping a thriving community. Together, these elements will elevate SeaTac and I am resolute in my commitment to making this elevation a reality.

Drawing on my leadership experience and robust community connections, I’m confident in my ability to effectively represent SeaTac. I seek your support and partnership, eager to collaborate in making SeaTac a place we are all proud to call home.

Remember, your vote is your voice. Let’s join hands and work towards shaping a better future for SeaTac – one step at a time.

Joe Vinson